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In Depth Russia Domestic

The Russia Domestic package offers analysts on-the-ground insight into one of the most rapidly changing areas of the industry. Covering this vast supply chain is made easy with Petro-Logistics as we aim to catch every barrel produced, consumed and exported from the Russian territory. Detailed data on crude & condensate production, refinery throughput and output, and refined product disbursements facilitate granular analysis, while the summary pages ensure its easy to identify macro trends. The Russia Supply & Demand Balance comprehensively summarises Russia’s domestic activities.

Refinery Activity

  • Deliveries of crude & condensate to domestic and FSU refineries
  • Throughput of crude & condensate and an in-tank balance at each Russian refinery
  • Refined Product Output at each refinery
  • Refined product dispersments detailing volumes for the domestic market and earmarked for export

Crude & Condensate Production

  • Monthly production figures by Producers from 2010
  • Monthly production figures by subsidiaries since 2015
  • Published on the first week of following month (~3rd)

Russia Crude Oil Exports

This monthly report details the routes and transportation methods used to export Russian crude oil. Transit volumes from other FSU countries used in Russian refineries or blended into Urals are ultimately removed to obtain a true figure for Russian crude oil exports.

Russia Crude & Condensate Balance

By collating all Russian data concerning the production, export and demand for crude oil & condensate, Petro-Logistics is particularly well-placed to provide a complete Russian crude oil supply/demand balance.

Features include:

  • Delivered to clients each month in a detailed Excel file
  • All critical elements of the Russian supply/demand balance are included
  • Monthly changes in tank levels are derived from the supply demand elements of the balances
  • Historical data is also provided to enable the latest monthly information to be set in context

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