Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Welcome to our Code of Conduct

The maintenance of a lawful and ethical culture is essential for any company participating in Business Transactions in the Global Market. This code acknowledges our dedication to maintaining an ethical culture and describes the behaviors expected of all Petro-Logistics Affiliates and the strict standards by which we abide.

To Whom is Code Applicable

This code is applicable to all individuals working at all levels and grades including, but not limited to Petro-Logistics’s owners, directors, associates, employees (whether permanent, fixed-term, or temporary), consultants, contractors, trainees, seconded staff, interns, sponsors, or any other person associated with Petro-Logistics (collectively referred to as “Affiliates” throughout this Code). This Code references our Compliance Policy, which is an internal document to which all Petro-Logistics Affiliates have agreed to abide by in work performed on behalf of Petro-Logistics.

Compliance with Law

This code and our Compliance Policy acknowledge our commitment to comply with all applicable laws and regulations including all Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Laws, Laws against Money Laundering, Insider Trading, Competition Laws, and Privacy Laws. However neither this Code nor our Compliance Policy specifically reference every law or regulation by which our Affiliates are expected to abide. As a global organization, our tasks are subject to the laws and regulations of any countries within which we perform business. Affiliates of Petro-Logistics are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of any applicable laws and regulations associated with our tasks and to strictly comply with such. Petro-Logistics has implemented a process for reporting any concerns that is established in our Compliance Policy and Affiliates are trained to in any event in which he or believes that there is a conflict between any applicable law and this Code or our Compliance policy, to follow this process to seek guidance.

Responding to Audits, Investigations, and Inquiries

Although we are confident that we are compliant with all laws and regulations, we understand that governments and regulatory agencies may determine it is necessary to audit, investigate, or inquire about our practices. All Affiliates of Petro-Logistics are trained to respond to any of these processes and understand that we shall never impede, or delay any such process and that it is our duty to be honest, fully cooperate, and to refrain from misrepresenting any facts or circumstances during any audit or investigation process.

Respect for Fellow Affliates

At Petro-Logistics, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards fairness and respect for every Affiliate. Our participation in a global marketplace necessitates that we respect and welcome diverse perspectives and backgrounds of all Affiliates and we are committed to respecting various talents and opinions of all Affiliates. All Affiliates of Petro-Logistics have been trained with regard to our employee polices which prohibit conduct that may interfere with the comfort of fellow Affiliates including, but not limited to Harassment and Workplace Violence.

Policy on Discrimination

Petro-Logistics does not discriminate or provide preferential treatment on any basis including, but not limited to: gender, marital status, family background, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or medical conditions. Affiliates are expected to refrain from any discriminatory or abusive behavior towards any fellow affiliates.

Promoting Excellence for our Clients

At Petro-Logistics, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products and services. In doing so, we ensure that all standards established by this Code and our Compliance policy are strictly adhered to by all Affiliates. If any client has any concern regarding our services, they are encouraged to contact any affiliate with whom they are working with or our management.


Petro-Logistics is aware of the importance of privacy of our clients’ and users’ information and personal data and has implemented the highest standards for ensuring that all such information that is provided to us is protected and that our clients and users are confident of such. Such standards include compliance with all applicable Data Protection laws of any jurisdiction within which we conduct business such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as ensuring that we continuously work to maintain proper safeguards for our network and technology.

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