Real Insights into the Oil Market

Petro-Logistics monitors the world’s major oil exporters to provide traders and analysts with accurate trade flow intelligence and granular supply and demand balances.

40 years of tracking oil flows!

This month we are celebrating 40 years of tracking oil flows! Read more about our journey as the pioneers in the industry.

Tracking Oil Flows Since 1980

We are the world’s premier seaborne oil trade analytics company. We provide our clients with hard data on sea, pipe and rail flows, as well as a range of supply variables such as refinery intake and crude burn.

Our unbiased insights and analysis are compiled by a time-tested, consistent methodology that always produces reliable results. We are the only company that provides this high level of accuracy on trade flows and regional oil balances.

Why Choose Petro-Logistics?

We help our clients avoid risk and make the most of opportunities. Our diligently-processed datasets provide unrivaled clarity and have become the gold standard by which crude oil and refined product trade flows are measured.
Unique Data
Access to real data from global sources facilitates better trading decisions
Timely Reports
Weekly reports with unbiased statistics on export grades and destinations offer transparency
Human Expertise
Manual verification provides accurate, human-led insights that can be trusted implicitly
API Feeds
API data feeds and Client Area analytics keep traders and analysts well informed

Better Decisions with Real Data

Accurate data is crucial to good decision-making in the energy market. At Petro-Logistics, we make it our business to know exactly what cargo tankers are carrying, so we can provide our clients with measured insights.

The accuracy that we achieve through leveraging hard data, combined with proprietary validation processes, positions us as the premier authority on seaborne petroleum trade flows. These processes have been developed and refined throughout our forty-year history and utilise various inputs.

In this new age of information commoditisation, reliable data is critical to trading success in the oil market.

Tailored, Human Insights

Petro-Logistics stands out in the oil market by putting human intelligence first, whilst embracing the benefits of satellite tracking and big data analytics.

In an often-opaque industry, we offer a human touch by providing prompt and informative support to our clients. Whether advising on our data, market issues or creating customised analytics programs, our approach is always customer-focused and people-centric.

A Global Reach

Our trade flow intelligence is used by the largest trading companies in the world. National oil companies rely on our insights to understand the production and exports of neighbouring countries and competing grades. Many of our clients have trusted us to provide them with quality data for the better part of four decades.

Our human approach to gathering and validating intelligence from around the world enables us to provide insights unmatched by big data and assumptions.

Clients Who Trust Us

Commercial Analyst
Petro-Logistics data Far exceeds the data seen from other providers, their access to assets on the ground in certain regions really sets them apart from the rest.
US Multinational
I think I speak for everyone at Koch when I say the quality of the data you provide is the best in the industry. It is solid information that my team relies on a daily basis.
Global Head of Analysis
Oil Major
PL has been our trusted provider of OPEC oil data for many years; they are without doubt the industry leader in this space. Nothing is too much trouble for the Daniel, Mark & the team. Looking forward to many more years of interaction !
Petro-Logistics is an excellent provider of oil market intelligence. It is accurate and timely. The data quality is excellent, and the analyses and the presentation are comprehensive and understandable. Above and beyond the quality of the data and the analysis, the best thing about Petro-Logistics is the feeling of partnership.
Chief Economist
I have used Petro-logistics for nearly twenty years. Their unique insights and contacts have made them a valuable resource in tracking oil market data. They are also friendly and highly responsive to questions.
Commercial Analyst
As a user for the last 8 years, I can see how the group have grown and continue to develop the data and Analysis that they provide, and it is this attention to detail and pride in what they provide that allows me to have full confidence in the data I receive.
Crude Oil Analyst
Petro-Logistics provides excellent quality of data which is neat and well presented. The data is mostly verified and cleaned. So no further validation is required.
Head of Oil Research
Petro-Logistics’ OPEC Monitor remains to this day the go to publication to get a clear view on OPEC members crude oil production in a timely manner in a world of many competing third party estimates of the producer group’s output.
Middle East NOC
Petro-Logistics has two clear advantages over competitors. The first would be the use of “on ground” sources or sources that have access to information that may not be revealed by satellite or other tracking devices. The second is providing information not only on exports but production and domestic consumption.
Head of Oil Research
While new satellite services have emerged tracking tankers, the diligence of Petro-logistics’ team in assessing the state of individual cargoes through extensive network are of great value-added.
Crude Oil Analyst
Petro-Logistics has a strong hold on Persian Gulf data. Information is usually more accurate and clean. Also for other countries like Libya, Algeria the tanker flows information is very accurate.
Trade Information Analyst
Independent US Oil Company
We are in the age of “advanced analytics”, “machines”, and “models” and what I find is that there is a lot of data out there but there is no integrity or quality. And this is exactly what you guys provide.
National Oil Company
The use of various sources to confirm the information provided to clients and the great understanding Daniel and Mark have about the business is extremely important to us, as any suspicious information is always sent to them for further clarification.
Global oil and gas strategist
With P-L, we feel like we have a partner who is helping us figure out the market. The interactions are always productive and highly insightful.
Oil Major
It’s the analysis from a true world leader in Export Analysis with the feel of a family run business.
Sarah S.
US Trading House
You are providing solid data that I can trust. I am a HUGE fan!
Investment Banking Research
Petro-logistics’ OPEC export data provides a regular and much sought-after view on crude supplied to the market by the producer group on aggregate and by individual country, well ahead of official statistical releases.
US Trading House
I reach out to the analysts on a weekly basis ... and I always get a detailed response back that sheds so much light beyond the numbers.
Petro-Logistics has been one of great sources used by us for high class, trusted, accurate and precise information that is used on daily basis in preparation for any updates or analysis provided to management.
Investment Bank
Petro-logistics’ FSU package offer a very compressive source of data on oil movements, both in products and crude oil, in and out of the region, at both the aggregate level as well in key export/import destinations.
Global Oil Strategist
P-L will provide ad-hoc analysis and data, even when it’s beyond our subscription if we really need help - a rare thing in this world.
Investment Banking Research
P-L’s ability to analyse trends and put events into context is a source of real advantage among cargo tracking providers.
Market Research Analyst
National Oil Company
I use Petro-Logistics information as a benchmark for assessing and validating other sources even official records from various countries, companies and suppliers.

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