40 year anniversary

40 years of Petro-Logistics

It’s been four decades since our founder, Conrad Gerber, started monitoring oil flows from a small office in Geneva.

Since then, we’ve grown into the world’s premier seaborne oil trade analytics company, helping the world gain accurate understandings of the oil industry. We’ve done this by always putting human intelligence first.

We would like to express our gratitude to our clients, sources and staff, some of which have been with us since the day our company was founded. We would, in particular, like to offer our sincere thanks to Jacquie Sutter who has walked with the company every step of its journey.

Here’s to the next 40 years!
Iraq analysis of petroleum exports 1990-06 cover
Iraq analysis of petroleum exports 1990-06 table

For forty years Petro-Logistics has provided unique market intelligence at a level unmatched in the industry. We have guided our clients through the fine details and macro picture as historic changes have upended markets and changed long-established infrastructure and tradeflows. Through many of the early years, fax technology may have been the latest available communications tool, but our ground level intelligence was every bit as detailed as today.

On the eve of the 1990-1991 Gulf War when Iraq still sent barrels through Saudi Arabia for export at Yanbu via the IPSA pipeline, we were tracking individual cargoes out of the Red Sea.

In the mid-1990s as benchmark Dubai crude was entering its long-term decline, we were providing not just cargo intelligence, but monthly inventory changes and average API levels out of the Fateh terminal.
Dubai exports and production analysis 1996-10 cover
Dubai exports and production analysis 1996-10 summary
Saudi Arabia crude oil exports and production analysis 1999-01 cover
Saudi Arabia crude oil exports and production analysis 1999-01 summary
As OPEC worked to recover from the price crash following the 1997 Jakarta meeting, our clients had exclusive insights into Saudi balances down to the uniquely comprehensive grade level we still provide today.

Three decades ago traders reliant on knowing where the swing barrels of West Africa were going were already receiving not just hard-to-obtain data reports on cargoes, but the personally acquired intelligence of our founder Conrad Gerber. Sometimes literally handwritten into faxed reports.

Across OPEC and Non-OPEC countries, from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the FSU, Petro-Logistics has been there first and the most comprehensively time and time again. As we continue our constant process of providing deeper intelligence, we look forward to the next four decades of serving our clients.

West Africa crude oil exports by destination 1991-01 cover
West Africa crude oil exports by destination 1991-01 summary

Jacquie Sutter joined Petro-Logistics in 1983, little more than two years after the company’s founding. She worked alongside Conrad Gerber for 27 years, supporting him with the immense volume of data processing and validation.

Jacquie has a deep understanding of the maritime industry, having tracked oil tradeflows through the major geopolitical events of the past four decades.

Over the past 10 years, Jacquie has developed the company’s Tanker Tracking department, now a team of 10 analysts who produce the most reliable data available to the industry.

Jacquie provided moral and professional support to the Gerber brothers when they took over the business in 2009, both in their early-20s. She trained the boys in tanker tracking and data validation, and ingrained the company’s core principles of diligence, discretion and focusing on the facts.

Petro-Logistics would not be here today without her.

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