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GDPR: Something of Great Importance

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GDPR: Something of Great Importance

Greetings to our customers, suppliers, employees and colleagues,

For nearly 40 years, Petro-Logistics has been a leader in recognizing and practicing the business principles of privacy, protecting personal and confidential information of customers, sources, employees, and other affiliates. When Conrad Gerber started this company in 1980, and ran it until his untimely death, he managed it and insisted upon those principles being a cornerstone of how our business was and is now run. We are very proud of our company’s history and pleased today to tell you that those key business principles have been in place for some time at Petro-Logistics, and we provide to you today the latest amendments to our Privacy Policy to continue our strong legacy of business conduct consistent with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We enthusiastically endorse not only the provisions of the GDPR relating to privacy, but also the protection of confidential information and data. It is something that we have always done and shall always do. We welcome all businesses joining us in this most important process. It is something our founder, Conrad Gerber, knew so many years ago.


Mark & Daniel Gerber

President & CEO

Petro-Logistics S.A.